Brownfield School - Items at school to pick up

Dear Brownfield Community School Parents and Guardians,

I have been working with our school staff and making plans to support student learning moving

forward over the past few days. Despite these challenging circumstances, I am encouraged by

the enthusiasm, creativity and determination of our team. We remain committed to supporting

our students from afar and are working hard to prepare and organize materials.

On Thursday afternoon we will have specific times for families to come by the school to pick up

all personal materials, sign out chromebooks as needed (grades 3-9) and textbooks. We will be

reaching out to each family to assign times for pickup of materials. In order to follow Alberta

Health Services guidelines we are asking that as few people as possible from each family enter

the school building. We are requesting that only students in grades 4 and above come into the

school with their parents or guardians to collect materials. For students in grades 3 and below,

only parents or guardians will be permitted. If you are not comfortable coming to the school or

are currently in self-isolation we will make other arrangements.

We plan on beginning a new routine Monday March 23rd. For our Junior High and 4-6 students

this will include regular online meeting times. We are planning on using the Google Meet

application along with Google Classroom to facilitate our learning. If you require additional

support in this area please let me know. Again, we will sign out Chromebooks to any students

in grades 3-9 that do not have access to a device at home.

For our K-3 students, Mrs. McCracken and Miss Tracy have gathered materials and have been

working hard to prepare take-home work. They are also making plans to regularly connect with


On a personal note, I have been overwhelmed by the support, encouragement and care

demonstrated by our community during this time. I know neighbors are calling to check in on

each other and making sure each family is doing well. If you are aware of any need, please do

not hesitate calling me at the school and we will do whatever we can to help.

Please feel free to reach out to contact the school, your student’s teacher, or myself if you have

any questions or concerns.


Jason Faber