CARA Track and Field 2024

CARA Track and Field 2024
Posted on 06/11/2024
Congratulations to our Junior High Track and Field athletes on a great day in Stettler on Tuesday, June 11th! It was fantastic to see everyone compete, try their best and excel! It was also fun to see the students encourage and cheer each other and friends from other schools on! This group of Brownfield students represented themselves, their families, our school and our community well! Great work!

Grade 9's 
Shea Faber - 4th, Javelin; 3rd, 4x100m Co-Ed; 9th, Shotput; 6th, Discus
Bennett Harris - 3rd, 4x100,  10th, High Jump; 8th, Triple Jump; 7th, Discus
Gwen Richardson - 1st, 800m; 1st, Javelin; 3rd, Discus; 3rd, 4x100 Co-Ed
Ella Younger - 1st, 1500m; 2nd 800m; 3rd,  Javelin, 4x100m Co-Ed

Grade 8's 
Hadley Faber - 5th, Discus; 9th, Javelin; 6th, Shotput 
Raynah Richardson - 2nd, 4x100m Co-Ed, 6th, 100m; 7th, Long Jump
Cole Thomas 2nd, 4x100m Co-Ed, 5th, 800m; 10th, Long Jump; 5th, Triple Jump
Ava Webber 2nd, 4x100m Co-Ed, 8th, Shotput; 2nd, Discus

Grade 7's 
Callia Harris 4th, 4x100m; 2nd, Javelin; 2nd, Discuss; 4th, Shotput 
Lexi Johnson4th, 4x100m; 6th, Javelin
Kenzie Richardson 4th, 4x100m; 8th, Shotput; 8th, Javelin 
Tegan Younger - 1st, Javelin; 4th, 4x100m, 6th, Shotput